South Edge - A quiet part of the city

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I've always marveled at how this street can be so bustling and jammed with commerce all day long and then completely empty and serene as soon as the clock strikes five. I love being here when the street is quiet. It allows me to create instead of crowding me out. There's no traffic to fight, no filled up parking places to drive you around and around city blocks looking for a place to put your own car so you can enjoy what the city has to offer. I feel like I'm sitting on some kind of urban motherlode when I look and see over 50 empty parking spaces in a city where there's no parking!

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All that's missing is something to do here that people could drive to and have no trouble parking. I started with my Playing With Fire blacksmithing classes at my workshop across the street, Jefferson Mack Metal on Saturday mornings. Then I added Thursday evening events for design professionals to come and hammer metal so they could get an idea of what I could offer their clients. And finally, since I produce art, why not create a serene place to view art? A place where there's no hassle to park. There's room to move and breathe. 



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