South Edge Gallery director Jefferson Mack envisions its location on Shafter Avenue in San Francisco as a cultural destination, a place to go on weekends with easy parking, and with an emphasis on craft and forgotten arts – a social place for appreciating emerging art.

STRIKING: Metal Art by Jefferson Mack and Sculpture by Matt Gil.
Available to view by appointment through January 15, 2018.
Stay tuned for new announcements 

Matt Gil brings his magnificent constructed sculptures to the floor of South Edge Gallery, leaving the walls for a new series of Jefferson Mack's metal art, inspired by the edgy botanical photographs of Karl Blossfeldt.

Gallery Artists

For each exhibit, I invite another artist to share South Edge gallery with me. Ideally these artists' media are complementary or contrapuntal to my hand forged metalwork. 

Scheduled so far are: Sharon Beals with her luscious photography of natural bird nests; Matt Gil will be showing his magnificent constructed sculptures this fall.

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South Edge As a Cultural Destination

The gallery's location on Shafter Avenue in the South Edge neighborhood of San Francisco is bustling during the day but serene by night. All that's missing is something to do here on off hours. Since I produce art, why not create a serene place to view art? A place where there's no hassle to park. There's room to move and breathe.